Personalized Ayurvedic purification retreats in Granada (Spain)

Ayurveda. Retiros de purificacion ayurvedica personalizados en Granada - consulta

Personalized Ayurvedic Purification Retreats in Granada (Spain)

We put at your disposal personalized purifying packages according to your availability of days and intensity of the process. During the period you choose you can completely relax, connect with your interior and with the nature of the environment, while supporting your body, mind and spirit to get rid of the unnecessary, of the things that do not serve you in your daily life, resting your senses.

Waking up to the sound of birds when the sun rises and going to sleep early at night helps you align with your biorhythm. Eating and drinking according to your constitution, with easy to digest meals that are designed to burn ¨ama¨ (toxins, undigested food) in a safe space and take some physical and mental time off, it will accelerate the restart of your metabolism, absorption of nutrients and energy levels.

Ayurveda believes that all kinds of diseases start in our mind and directly our digestive tract. When our ¨agni¨ (digestive fire) / digestion does not work well, the body begins to accumulate waste and if it is not expelled properly it ends up blocking the channels. Then, the manifestation of other complications takes place.

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In Ayurveda MN Center Granada we focus on both aspects; address mental balance through meditation, yoga, pranayama, satvic food, medicinals, nature walks and sufficient rest time and treat digestion and elimination of waste through personalized meals, specific asanas, breathing techniques and massages of according to your needs. We will practice the medicine of silence, which takes us directly to the present.

The basic programs are designed for people who wish to experience a level restoration of the senses and for those who are not familiar with the deeper Ayurvedic purification procedures. Advanced programs will allow you to progressively experience the integral restoration of your being.

Each individualized program is adapted to each season. From spring to the end of summer, you can enjoy the pool and the sun and during the cold months the pleasant fireplace.

After those days you will feel lighter, a clear mindset, more energy and positivity, you will feel younger, your skin will glow and your battery will be charged again.

We can accommodate from a single person and up to 4 people in total at the same time. This is the maximum space to guarantee our time and dedication in close attention, as it deserves in health matters.

For more information, request information on our detailed programs.

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