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Are you aging faster? Feeling tired, tension and stress? Is it hard for you to relax? When was the last time that you did allow yourself to be pampered? Ayurveda is one of the oldest science regarding Medicine and its benefits go beyond the concept of wellness, always searching for long-term balance. See all our Ayurvedic Treatments below!

Abhyanga, Masaje Ayurvédico con aceites medicinales

Do you want to stimulate the self-healing ability of your body, mind, and spirit while balancing your doshas? Medicated oils assist in prevention, maintaining or recovering health. Its goals vary from deep relaxation, eliminating stress, anxiety, fatigue, and insomnia. It nourishes and strengthens the tissues, activating the blood circulation and the lymphatic system. It slows down the aging process. It detoxifies the body through the elimination of metabolic wastes, removing tension, pain and possible blockages.


Udvartanam (Masaje con polvo de hierbas)

How to improve your tone, reducing cellulite while increasing your blood circulation? This scrub procedure is done with herbal powder ready for your constitution! It reduces cholesterol, skin problems, activates the removal of the waste products, as result, your skin will be soft and glowing. Recommended in case of obesity and overweight.  Refresh and strengthen your muscles!



Abhyanga. Cabeza, cuello y hombros

Who does not like to be spoiled and does not need deep relaxation? Thanks to the warm therapeutic oils and the acupressure on the marma points you can prevent headaches and eliminate stress levels. It reduces wrinkles and softens the current ones. Through the activation of the scalp circulation, it reinforces the hair growth while your nerve system remains relaxed.


Shirodhara (Aceite vertido en la cabeza)

Are you having difficulties in falling asleep? Do you face anxiety, high level of stress, depression, or even burn out? Over your third eye, we will pour the warm medicated oils, with goal of washing your thoughts away, reducing headaches, hypertension, providing a profound sense of relaxation.



Ubtan de cuerpo completo (Pasta a base de hierbas)

Full body Ubtan (Herbal mud paste)

Searching for a grounding experience that provides a deep cleansing effect? Do you feel you should increase some earthy elements? We will cover all your body by an especial Ayurvedic warm paste full of minerals and after that you will be wrapped in an insulating blanket that will keep you warm, allowing your skin porous to absorb all the nutrients whiles expels some of the body waste. Receive a neck, head and shoulders massage along the process!


Pinda Swedana (Paquetes medicinales)

Pinda Swedana (Medicated packs)

Are you experiencing deep muscle pain? Have you ever tried a pinda bundle massage? Did you lose mobility or strength in a local area? Are you facing some water retention or swelling? According to your needs, the pinda balls would be with or without oils and made of medicated especial rice or plain herbs. This procedures stimulates blood circulation, lubricates the joints, tones the muscles, removes local waste, and again provides a deep relaxation.


Nasya (Tratamiento nasal

Nasya (Nasal treatment)

Are you suffering from congestion, allergies or sinusitis? Or maybe from migraines or headaches? This treatment cleans and opens the head channels while strengthens your senses! Improve your taste and smell sense while being able to breath better and easier. This procedure includes head, neck, shoulders and chest massage.


Karna Purana (Tratamiento de oídos)

Karna Purana (Ear treatment)

Do you often suffer from vertigo, tinnitus, jaw pain ear infections? Did you know that your neck pain could be linked to impurities in the ear canal! Get rid of the excess of earwax, itchiness, hearing impairment and dryness, while your nerve system gets relaxed and reinforced!


Janu - Kati Basti (Local rodilla - espalda)

Janu / Kati Basti (Treatment for knees/back)

Do you need a local treatment due to your knees or back complaints? Warm herbal oil is poured into around dough, changed regularly during 30 minutes. This procedure is recommended for pain, stiffness, joint disorders, and inflammation. It strengthens the muscles and connective tissues, assuring that there is enough blood flow to speed up the recovery.


My goal is to activate the path of self-connection for female empowerment through ancient wisdom. But I also receive a wide number of male patients who are interested in holistic ways who are ready to connect to themselves, and take full responsibility for their lives. This is beautiful to see and very much necessary for our evolution. Are you one of them? Welcome! Read more here.


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