Discover our Full body Ubtan (Herbal mud paste)

Ubtan Sayoni CareSearching for a really deep cleansing therapy that really grounds you? Do you feel you should add some earthy elements? You will be covered by an especial Ayurvedic warm paste full of minerals and wrapped in an insulating blanket which will keep you warm, allowing your skin porous to absorb all the nutrients whiles expels the waste. Get a head, neck and shoulders massage in between! Or maybe do you prefer a full body massage and get a deep guided meditation while the herbs do their job?

Indicated for:

Cellulite breakdown, Abdominal Obesity, after childbirth, if you get some extra weight, preventing loosening of skin under a weight-loss program, in muscular weakness, in diabetic neuropathy,  in paralysis, in cases of decreased mobility in joints due to excess Kapha, Ama or rheumatoid arthritis, removing dead cells from the skin and increasing glow of the skin. In Springtime is recommended for all constitutions, so that Kapha does not get aggravated.

When this therapy is not indicated:

  • When you have fever, chills or flu
  • When you have indigestion
  • During 2 hours after having a meal
  • During the menstrual cycle


  • Head, Neck and Shoulders Ayurvedic Oil Massage + Full body Ubtan (Approx 60 minutes – 85 Euros)
  • Full body Abhyanga Massage + Full body Ubtan + Guided meditation (Approx 95 minutes – 125 Euros)

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More about our Practitioner

My work is focused more on women since my goal is to activate the journey of self-connection for female empowerment through ancient wisdom. But I also receive a number of male patients who are interested in holistic ways of connecting to themselves, and in taking active responsibility for their lives. What is beautiful to see and extremely necessary for our evolution. Are you one of them? Welcome! Read more here