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How to find balance is different and unique per person. The approach might differ per the individual constitution, your location, your climate, your experiences/situation in life, your style of life, your mental aptitude, your genes, and the state of your physical body… How do we proceed during the Online Ayurveda consultation?

Where to start?

Removing any toxic waste (ama) present through purification and detoxification, restoring the digestive capacity comes always first, in order to prepare the body for rejuvenation, longevity and healthy –happy life. We can bring balance and help to restore many different kinds of diseases from skin issues, digestive problems, allergic troubles, hormonal imbalances, menstrual sickness, sexual disorders, gynecological distresses, diabetic conditions, mental illnesses, low immune system, high-stress level, pain management, etc…

After determining your born constitution (Prakriti) we look how your current constitution (Vikruti) relates to that. This is done by analyzing the medical and lifestyle key questions, which will lead us to the causative factors from the imbalance. Since it is online, abdominal palpation, pulse diagnosis, and certain observations might be lost in the process, but tongue diagnosis can be done. That is why is a requirement to have a good quality video-camera during the consultation.


First consultation: 1.5 hours – 85 Euros
Follow up consultation: 1 hour – 65 Euros

More about our Practitioner

My work is focused more on women since my goal is to activate the journey of self-connection for female empowerment through ancient wisdom. But I also receive a number of male patients who are interested in holistic ways of connecting to themselves, and in taking active responsibility for their lives. What is beautiful to see and extremely necessary for our evolution. Are you one of them? Welcome! Read more here.